In the early 1980s, audio cassettes made music portable. With vinyl records you had to go to the room with the record player. Cassettes you could take with you and your walkman or boombox. Remember that? I don't remember 8 tracks. Then they put cassette decks in cars. No record player could be played in a car.

We found out about new music through Rolling Stone Magazine, send away music clubs, and Casey Kasem's Top 40. Every home did not have MTV access as it depended upon what your cable TV company offered. Some network and other cable networks had music videos for about an hour or two an evening.

Otherwise I guess you went to rock concerts. Iron Maiden was not distributed through main stream stores. I believe they were banned in the USA. Due to eddie the zombie or their lyrics? I have never seen Iron Maiden's music for sale in any record store or big box store.

I had Def Leppard's Pyromania on cassette. The song Rock of Ages had that phrase which I have read online was German. We use to sing that around the school yard, and I had no idea what it meant. In fact, I thought Def Leppard was an American band for quite some time.