Hello Michael, I have a question, which I am not sure belongs here. But you seem to be an authority on multi effects so here goes: If you store a patch in the Boss ME50, so you set let's say an ovedrive pedal, a chorus and a delay, but you store it with the effects turned off. And then you move to another patch, move the knobs around, maybe set the overdrive to a fuzz. Then you go back to the saved patch, and you switch to manual mode in that patch. When you turn the overdrive on, will it be the overdrive you saved before or the current setting, the fuzz? And the chorus and the delay (time, and everything)? What I am asking, are all the settings saved, or just the ones that are turned on and that's it? In the GT8, it's the first. Also, you mentioned a diago power supply for the me50 and a couple of other pedals, did you mean this one, the micropower9? And just daisychain them? http://www.diago.co.uk/pedal-power/diago-micropower9.html Sory for the long post and thank you in advance for the answers. You rock!