Been working on the Gary Moore 8 bar blues Quick Licks DVD by Danny Gill.

Great DVD.. Really stretching me and forcing me into some uncomfortable areas that are now becoming comfortable.. Lots in there.. This thing is gonna be something I can perform and use the licks from all over the place...

I've gotten to the point where I have memorized and can play all the licks, most of them up to speed and right on the money.. So I started working on adjusting them so that I can play along with the backing track..

After a few days, I have the first solo pretty much spot on, and was starting on the second solo.. However, when I started working on the second solo, and got to where I played all the way through it, I ran out of solo with 8 bars to go!

The backing track seems to have an 'extra' part in it between each of the solos,and it has 3 sections of 8 bars, instead of the 2 sections needed to play over (24 bars instead of 16) and I don't know really what to do with them.

Are the parts where the solos are intended to be played, supposed to be for singing, improvising, going for a water break, or what? I suppose I could use them for some vocals, but then what to do with the intro sections?

Is there something I'm missing? Is there more solos I don't know about or what?

Please advise, because I have worked really hard on this DVD, and was getting really excited to see it all coming together, but now I've hit a wall...

Also, do the instructors monitor these discussions, and is there a way to tag Danny in this?

Last edited 04 March 2018