Danny Gill's 5 Minute Guitar Lessons The Basics REVIEWS?

JohnFleming posted this 04 April 2011

I am looking for reviews on Danny Gill's 5 Minute Guitar Lessons The Basics DVD.

I am new at the electric guitar, and would like to learn the basics from the ground up. [/h1]

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The Herbit posted this 06 April 2011

Danny has a couple on rhythm guitar that would probably be a good place to start. I don't have the 5 min vid but watched the preview, looks pretty good but more for lead. From the ground up should start with rhythm and some theory.

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louisger1 posted this 01 March 2019

This DVD starts with the basics and then he plays genres of guitar music. He shows how with effects pedals and his stack combo amplifier he gets the sounds of blues, country, rock, and metal music. He plays licks in these genres also.

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