Has anyone here experimented with swapping out various bar magnets in their Gibson A5 P90 pickups (or any other brand P90) and if so, what did you try and what were the results or outcome?

Since each P90 pickup takes two magnets, I've seen everything from A2, A3, A4, UOA5, A5, A8 and ceramic magnets being used in various combinations. The reason I ask is that the Gibson P90's from my R6 Gold top were pulled in favor of stock Lollar P90's. To my ears most stock Gibson pickups are hard sounding like the 57' Classics, Burstbucker Pros, and Gibson P90's.

The stock Lollar P90s use UOA5 magnets which soften the attack somewhat and have slight compression to them which I prefer. The main difference between the stock Gibson P90's are a 9.1K DCR for both neck and bridge pickups compared to stock Lollar P90's with a 8.2K DCR neck pickup and a 9.1K DCR bridge pickup.

I've contemplated using (2) A3 magnets in the Gibson P90 neck pickup, and (2) UOA5 magnets for the bridge pickup. Since the neck pickup is a hotter wind I need to soften the attack of the neck position a little.

Any observations?