Guitar Idol 8 Issues

MichaelCostelloe posted this 26 March 2018

This was the first time I participated in the competition and I would like to offer a few observations:

First, the dates for announcing the Top 100 and Top 25 shifted at least three or four times without any real notice to the people who had already submitted entries. I know that the contest organizers have the right to do anything they want, but letting people know would be a nice gesture.

Second, the entries were whittled down to 100 March 6th (I'm going from memory, so that might not be the exact date) and then down to 25 a week later. It was evident that neither of those lists were judged. They were purely based upon votes on the website. Having read in the contest rules that the Top 25 would be subject to judging, I didn't reach out to friends for votes until I realized that was not the case. I figured out that only votes mattered less than 24 hours before the first time that entries were reduced to 25. By the time some of my friends tried to vote, my entry had already been removed from the site.

Finally, there was a new announcement that the Top 100 were going to be announced on March 26th. Well, the entries remaining on the web site had long since been cut back to 25! While I was included in the "original" Top 100, I'm not in this new one. How did that happen, I wonder? Perhaps the list has now been judged, but even if that’s the case, you still have published two different lists using different criteria in the same contest.

I'm not an aspiring professional musician, just a hobbyist, but if this contest had been at all meaningful to my career ambitions, I would be quite unhappy with the way it was organized and conducted.

I think you owe the participants and the public an explanation.

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Ahab654 posted this 06 June 2018

I haven't even heard of this. Been a member for a couple of years. Where do you go to see it, would love to see other people playing. Heck I would like to give it a whack also.


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