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Reed Greenagel posted this 09 October 2012

Hi Tom,

I appreciate your articles on legatto playing, especially on slowing down practice to get faster! I have two questions for you: First, since you have reviewed the Line 6 HD 500 and seem to have an expertise on its settings, how would I go about duplicating the guitar sounds for Michael Casswell's Supermassive Black Hole by Muse? Secondly, on Michael's Fleetwood Mac ";The Chain"; solo after the initial drone segment, He bends up the E string and uses vibrato with a up stroke for an extended time. This is very difficult and it is very hard to maintain control of the string for the amount of time he is trilling and using vibrato for this one note. Any technical tips for maintaining control of this phrase?

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Reed Greenagel posted this 13 October 2012

Looks like I should have noticed that no one has got their questions responded to by this ";Contributor"; since before Meathead asked his question in August! Too bad, it looked like he asked a good question. Why don't you close this corner if no ";contributor"; looks at it?

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Levi Clay posted this 13 October 2012

Actually, I don't know if Tom is even aware of this recent addition to the site, and in fairness to him, he doesn't get paid to maintain this, so It's not like I can call him up an tell him what to do.

What I can say though is, your question should really go in Mike's forum, he actively replies to threads, plus, your question is basically "Hey Tom, how can I sound like Mike?" That just seems odd to me

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Reed Greenagel posted this 13 October 2012


Maybe I can't read properly. This Forum says, "; If you have any guitar questions for Licklibrary's Michael Casswell ask them here"; . It seems to imply that Mike might need some help with all the questions he gets. Actually, I did ask this same question in Mike's Forum and it went unanswered, so I deleated it. I saw Tom's Forum and it said, ";if you have questions for Mike Casswell ask them here";. After I posted my question, I noticed no one is looking at this. If Tom isn't even aware of this site, why don't you guys get rid of it. That just seems odd to me.

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Stu G posted this 13 October 2012

I was aware that the contributors dont get paid to post on the forums and that they have to do it in their own time so i've got a lot of patience when it comes to waiting for a reply and you appreciate the answers that you do get because you know that that contributor has done it in his own time to help you out,when i do a search it seems that a few years ago all the contributors were quite active in their forums but not so much anymore so i seem to have missed out on that time when it was active and everyone was posting.If Toms not aware of his forum then i guess my question may go unanswered, but if Levi would like to respond to it then i would be grateful for that.I've ordered Toms dvd so maybe the answer is in there.I await for the news that Levi will have a dvd coming out(which i will then buy of course) then he may get his own forum then we will have Mike and Levi on here helping us out which would be fantastic,and we cant forget that they do it in their own time so we have to appreciate any response we get and order their dvd's so they get paid,we all need income so we cant think that these guys just hang around answering forum post's,they need to earn a living one way or another so the only way i can see to help them is to order dvd's.Anyway if Levi would like to jump in and answer my question that would be greatly appreciated,i asked the question for two reasons,(1)because i would like to know the answer of course and (2)because i was watching this forum and after a couple of weeks no one had left a question and i thought to myself how would i feel if LL gave me a forum and no one wanted to ask me anything so i thought i would try and get the ball rolling,nevermind the intent was there anyway.At least there's one thread happening here,thats a start i guess,cheers


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Levi Clay posted this 14 October 2012

I'm more than happy to answer any questions, in fact, I'll take time out of my day to answer your questions.... anything in the guitar zone. I just don't think it's my place to answer questions when you've specifically asked someone else.

Just like in the guitar forums when someone starts a forum saying "Jack Daniels", noone's asking me.... but if you have any questions for me, go right ahead :)

I'll talk to the Admin when I'm in on Monday and see what he thinks about Tom's forum. I know it's frustrating that the guys aren't replying, if they were active here the forum would be a hell of a lot more active all round. I also don't know if you guys would rather us get rid of inactive forums, or keep them just in case one of the guys is in the office and I get the boss to tell them to get on the forum!

As for this particular question, I'll bust out the video monday and see what I can come up with - (I also have and use an HD500, Tom just reviewed it, but I own it!)

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Reed Greenagel posted this 14 October 2012

That is a very generous offer. I am embarrassed by my earlier response. I will be careful as to where I post my questions in the future. Thank you,Levi.

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Reed Greenagel posted this 12 April 2013

Hey Levi!

I'm still waiting to hear what you come back with on the HD 500.


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