How about a Learn to Play...

MichaelPetrak posted this 03 March 2016

I'm a huge fan of lick library and I think the DVD lessons are some of the greatest DVD lessons on the market. Now I understand everyone has their favorite artists, but I think their are a few bands that are not represented here but deserve a Learn to play title. My list of 5 artists are...

1) Queensryche 2) Mr big 3) White Lion (Vito Bratta) 4) Savatage 5) Anthrax

What are yours?

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Mark Badham posted this 04 March 2016

My choice at the moment would be...

  1. Robert Cray

  2. Joe Bonamassa Vol 2

  3. Robert Johnson

  4. Buddy Guy

  5. Gary Clark Junior


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gbgjoachim posted this 11 March 2016

Whitesnake 2 Annihilator Tony Macalphine Skid row Alice Cooper 2

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Mark Badham posted this 14 March 2016

Some more Blues suggestions..

  1. Walter Trout

  2. Chris Duarte

  3. Peter Green Vol2


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Karsten S posted this 16 March 2016

Steve Lukather (solo stuff / Toto)


Roy Bucchanan

Jason Becker

Steve Morse

Albert Lee

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chrisrn5679 posted this 17 March 2016

I would love to see a learn to play Avenged Sevenfold Vol. 2 with songs like Seize the Day, nightmare, buried alive, so far away, hail to the King

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neil burnet posted this 18 March 2016

Hello I've had a idea. what about some bachman turner overdrive DVDs like " you ain't seen nothing yet" " taking care of business" "hey you" "roll on down the highway" lol takes me back to my youth good old days. Thanks Neil

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kennethcresswell posted this 19 March 2016

I'd like to see some Richard Thompson lessons. There are not a lot of official learning resources available, especially focusing on his more recent work. His music is also of a style not greatly covered by Lick Library lessons.

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fbruton posted this 30 March 2016

  1. Ratt
  2. Dokken 3.Queensryche 4.Mr.Big 5.Loudness

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mark hargreaves posted this 15 April 2016

My choices would be


The Darkness Vol.2

Status Quo

Primal Scream

Tokyo Dragons

The Libertines

Manic Street Preachers

Done By Danny Gill

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rick lux posted this 22 April 2016

I would love to buy Learn to Play:

  1. Mountain

  2. Blue Oyster Cult

Danny Gill

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fisher posted this 11 May 2016

Well, How about Prince ? that'd be a little bit of a tribute to this a little bit unrecognized guitarist Purple rain, She's Always In My Hair Fury, Te amo corazon Cream The most beautiful girl in the world - to mention just a few...

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dean prentice posted this 20 May 2016

love too see black crows learn to play

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mapletop posted this 23 May 2016

There was quite a thread of support on the old forum for . . .



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westonparkland posted this 23 May 2016

Rush Vol 2 Van Halen Vol 4

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BILLY G posted this 13 June 2016

What about RIval Sons? Doug Aldrich - Lion, Hurricane, Bad Moon Rising, Burning Rain & his solo stuff like Face Down. XYZ - XYZ & Hungry are full of good riffs.

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dascal.adrian posted this 25 June 2016

With the Guns N' Roses tour underway, I was wondering if someone could teach how to play Wish You Were Here instrumental??? The way Slash plays it with R Fortus? Would be pretty cool, and Danny Gill doing it would be like a dream!

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kimhp74 posted this 29 July 2016

and i will love to see learn to play Machine Head :)

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PeterGriffiths posted this 30 July 2016

Gary Moore The live versions of his rock songs, Like ,Days of heros, oh wild one, and classics, blood of emeralds, over the hills and far away with the long intro, preferably done by danny gill

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mark reilly posted this 09 August 2016

How about LTP Robin Trower as Michael Casswell has already done 2 songs....maybe could finish off a group of 5 for a DVD release.

Also Walter Trout or Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

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mark reilly posted this 10 August 2016

Also Eric Clapton vol. 2 with the following songs:

I Shot The Sheriff After Midnight Got To Get Better in a Little While Lay Down Sally / Tell The Truth Crossroads

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ryantipping posted this 21 August 2016

I'd love to Learn Rival Sons. I can't even find sheet music for them so a Lick Library would be ace

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David Songer posted this 05 September 2016

How about the following Learn to Play DVDs:

  1. Scorpions Vol 2, or a Matthias Jabs LTP DVD
  2. Michael Schenker (with Michael Schenker Group Songs) - There's a Schenker/UFO DVD but it doesn't seem to be available everywhere, as I can't seem to order it.
  3. Rory Gallagher (Vol 2)
  4. Uli Jon Roth
  5. Eric Clapton (Vol 2)
  6. Roy Buchanan (featuring Green Onions)
  7. AC/DC (Vol 4)
  8. Sammy Hagar
  9. Gary Moore (Vol 2)
  10. Gary Clark Jr.

I tried to mix it up a bit here.

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David Songer posted this 05 September 2016

Here a few groups which people might remember. I don't think I've seen any Learn to Play DVDs on any of these:

  1. Saxon
  2. Cinderella
  3. Tesla
  4. The Cult
  5. Armored Saint

Just throwing ideas out there. Perhaps an LTP DVD by Decade? e.g. Learn to Play Songs from the 1960s, or Learn to Play Songs from the 1980s.). Just looking for additional options for people to vote on if they see something they may have forgotten about.

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davetheriffman posted this 11 November 2016

Here are some that i would like to see.

Saxon Thunder The Cult Prince Gary Moore vol 2 Scorpions 2 Joe bonamassa 2 Acdc 4 Five Finger Death Punch Rainbow 2 Deep purple 2 Def Lep 2

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Betty Craven posted this 14 November 2016

Some more Dio, eighties metal, I like what the OP has suggested. White Lion would be great!

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Betty Craven posted this 14 November 2016

more Scorpions, yeah!!

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dhbdad posted this 24 December 2016

thumbs up on Chris Duarte

Some more Blues suggestions..

  1. Walter Trout

  2. Chris Duarte

  3. Peter Green Vol2


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simonsandland-taylor posted this 07 September 2017

Plenty of great material out there for a volume 2 from the following !) Muse 2) Rush 3) Clapton 4) Deep Purple 5) Schenker/UFO

Sandy Taylor

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peter1 posted this 30 October 2017

How about a Learn to Play The Small Faces

Cannot believe you've never done anything by the Small Faces or Steve Marriott (Small Faces, Humble Pie)

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olibx posted this 31 October 2017

Still waiting for Uli Jon Roth's DVD. How is it possible that Licklibrary forget Uli Jon Roth?

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James Kerr posted this 12 May 2018

What about bands like: Theory Of A Deadman, Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Cinderella, Seether, Breaking Benjamine, Staind, Godsmack, The Offspring and Bush.....................

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Ahab654 posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello Gentlemen,

Would like to request some Five Finger Death Punch tunes to learn. There are a ton to choose from so not really going to pick just one. Jason Hook is a great guitarist, and I think that Andy James would be the total badass to cover these guys. Got Your Six would be a great album to learn. Ok, yes, showing my age should have said CD or something more current =P I still remember Vinyl and 8 tracks. Anyways would be nice to see some more Heavy Metal albums done.

Shameless plug, if you haven't seen the show "Hired guns" it is a great watch. Jason Hook had a lot to do with making this movie. Shows a ton a great people that you have heard on some of the greatest records ever made, but you have never heard their name. Truly surprising.

Best Regards, Shayne

P.S. I posted this in another post but looks like this is where I should have posted?

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c.gerboni posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi everyone,

thanks for bringing this up! The learn to play is an amazing series, indeed. Here some of my ideas:

1) classical music, for example Adagio, canon of pacherbel and Vivaldi Summer. 2) Gus G alone or with Firewinds 3) Avenged sevenfold and Bullet for my valentine volumes 2 4) 5 tracks of mixed artists like Marty Friedman, Gus G and some others which are not so covered by LL yet.

Hope that you like some of these ideas! Regards, Carlo

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