i'd like to request a song

eddish100 posted this 23 February 2016

Hi guys! Nuclear Blast - Devotion, guitar part!!

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rascal2 posted this 05 November 2016

Just wondering if anyone else would like jump on the request wagon, for some more old school AC/DC? Classic early stuff from the Bon Scott days, some of Angus's best pentatonic peddling & riffing, in my humble opinion. Maybe they could talk Danny into another volume of "Learn to Play" & or "The Solos" series? Ride On, Squealer, Soul Stripper, Riff Raff, Kicked in Teeth Again, Jail Break, Night Prowler, etc. etc. etc.

PS. Spent a lot of money & time looking at a lot of second rate how to's. Then I found Lick Library. First rate stuff!! You people are the best in the business, keep up the great work!!

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nick crompton posted this 09 November 2016

The Cult - Jam with would be cool

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shane posted this 28 November 2016

You really need to do a DVD on how to play songs by “The Cult”. They played in Brisbane last night they rocked. The crowd was a sea of Ibanez, Gibson and Fender t-shirts

You have “She Sells Sanctuary” as a online video and jamtrax but they have bucketloads more classic songs which I’m sure guitarists would rather give you guys money to teach the song, than some noob on the internet who gets every second chord wrong.

If I owned the greatest online music education website in the world, these are the songs I’d be doing on the DVD: Firewoman She Sells Sanctuary Wild Flower Love Removal Machine Wild hearted Son Sweet Soul Sister – if have room Lil’ Devil – if have room

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zuffjack posted this 02 December 2016

are you ever going to cover any bb king songs

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nick crompton posted this 06 December 2016

anything by Big Wreck would be good

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jnreynosa posted this 13 December 2016

Hello, I would like to request "Lights" by Journey. Which contains one of the most iconic solo's in rock....thanks!

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rkferguson posted this 14 February 2017

Walter Trout, Marie's Mood

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billypetsche posted this 17 August 2017

Dear Lick Library,

If you make a how to play album or quick licks dvd of Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - LIVE I will buy it immediately.

Thank you very much.

Billy Petsche

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eaistudios posted this 25 February 2018

I would like to request Echoes and Pigs (Three Different Ones) from Pink Floyd.

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radoslawsmaczny posted this 13 April 2018

Hello, I was hoping you guys would do a DVD or two on the guitar stylings of John Scofield. It's especially his later style that interests me, the stuff he did with MMW for example.

Thank you, Radek Smaczny

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