Klein S-8 "David Gilmour" pickups

TiEsQue TiEsQue posted this 22 February 2011

I got to play a Strat with a set of Klein S-8's this weekend. Fantastic! Very articulate and dynamic- neck clear and tight, bridge very hot but still chimey and ";Stratty";. Aparently this is the pickup set that David Gilmour now has in his infamous black Strat. If you're not familiar with Klein, his pickups are first rate. I take it John Mayer uses Klein S-5's in his Strats (I'm not the biggest Mayer fan, but he sure isn't shy about spending whatever it takes to get the best gear).

I know there are lots of Gilmour fans around here so I figured you guys might be interested.


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Mike Casswell posted this 22 February 2011

Interesting. Not tried them but I'm sure they are great.

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Reiner Hofmann posted this 22 February 2011

I will check, if suitable for my new strat project. Sounds interesting. How is the noise? Are they silent?

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TiEsQue TiEsQue posted this 22 February 2011

Happyist, They're just good old fashioned single coil pups, not ";silent pickups"; in the way a hum-caneling stacked single coil or internally shielded like Lace Sensor or EMG's, but they're well made, wax potted and not noisy. If your guitar is well [em]shielded[/em] and/or you use the Suhr BPSSC system you shouldn't have a problem.

Mike, since you like EMG's, which are essentially very weak (and exremely trebely sounding on their own) passive pickups with a built-in preamp buffer, why not treat your passive pickups similary? Just get a set of pups whose fundamental tone you like regardless of output and use an onboard buffer to boost the signal to taste. Use the pup as a tone generator and use the electronics as the output generator like EMG does. Plus, you'd have a low-impedance buffered signal equal in volume to your EMG's. Have you tried this approach?

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innerbook@hotmail.com posted this 23 February 2011

What do you think about outboard buffer, do they do the same job? I saw some nice Stratoblaster kits to build in a pedal. What are the most transparent ones?

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TiEsQue TiEsQue posted this 23 February 2011

Buffer pedals do the same thing, just a little further down the signal chain obviously.

My favorite buffer is made by Radial Engineering. Not only does Radial make great stuff but their buffer has a ";Drag"; control. As they put it: ";a variable load correction circuit that lets you dial in the perfect impedance to match the original tone and feel of your guitar and amp combination";. I'm not a big fan of active pickups like EMG or onboard buffers. The super hi-fi low impediance sound isn't my thing. But with long runs or multiple effects a buffer is useful. The Drag really works for buffering the signal but controlling the impediance level to my liking. They also make a little clip-on-your-strap version for getting it sooner in the signal chain.

Others I've used:

Lehle Sunday Driver is very good (and looks cool).

Custom Audio/MXR is good.

Axess Electronics is good.

Peter Cornish buffer is great...all Cornish stuff is amazing but super expensive and has a 1 - 2 year waiting list.

TC Electronics Line Driver is good.

The Zvez SHO is actually an overdrive pedal but also buffers the signal and I know guys who use it set very low just for the buffering and a very slight constant boost.

Valvulator tube buffer is meh. It's very popular. I used one for a while but I don't like what it does to the tone. I have some old vintage wah pedals that go berserk when the Valulator is in the loop.

There's loads more (pun intended) but those are the ones I've tried.

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Jack Daniels posted this 23 February 2011

[QUOTE=TiEsQue]Buffer pedals do the same thing, just a little further down the signal chain obviously.[/QUOTE]

I highly recommend this little buffer @ just $45, it can be used with any effect to excellent results:


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phelge68 posted this 02 October 2018

I want to share the bad experience I had with KLEIN PICKUPS. I’m from Italy, and it’s more than 15 years that I buy online from USA without problems. I bought a couple of KLEIN pickups from KLEIN website. There’s no one at my home during the day, so when I buy online, I always arrange the delivery in the office where I work. I filled the order form by inserting “my name C/O my company name”, followed by my company address, in the “Ship to” section. Then I typed my name and personal address in the “Bill to” section. The “Bill to” section is important because contains the details of who is actually buying the item (in my case, is me, not my company), and will be used for applying duty taxes. In the order notes I wrote “Please apply wax potting to both of them”.

As a result, the pickups squeal and go in "larsen" very easily, like most vintage 60’s pickups even though I requested the wax potting.

Furthermore, DHL Italian taxed my company instead of me, my company can’t accept it, so I have to request DHL to change the invoice, and this will cost me about 120$. DHL told me that the commercial Invoice wasn’t filled properly by the sender, and showed it to me, and I could see that it contained the data that I filled in the “ship to” section of the order form, instead of “Bill to”. Klein replied that “we are not a tax office, contact DHL customs” but that’s not the point, since the custom office, issues duty taxes based on the docs supplied by the sender. I asked again klein for further details, what could possibly went wrong, how they passed the data from their system to DHL, and replied that “commercial invoice has been automatically filled by DHL, so ask DHL” without adding any detail. So, according to klein, DHL enters KLEIN’s system, collects the data, and fill the shipment document themselves….very hard to believe. Usually is a sender task to fill data in an on-line or paper form, What I think is that, even though the details in the order form were right, klein, when collecting them and filling the commercial invoice form, inserted the “ship to” details instead of “bill to”.

And what about the Larsen problem ? why the pickups squeal so badly ? What wax potting is meant for, other than eliminate or at least reduce larsen/squeal issues ? Lots of money wasted, but what’s more hurting is that Klein keeps lying very badly without giving any detail. But doing so, he is not only damaging himself, he is also damaging all the other honest US producers/dealers. Buy online form abroad is not that easy, and this experiences make you lose trust and discourage to buy.

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rosyw6552 posted this 06 June 2019

Tonight I installed the Klein Strat 65 pickups and I gotta say they are pretty damn impressive. The first thing I noticed is that the notes seem to just jump out of the guitar. I haven't noticed this with other pickups. Maybe because these are hand wound? They have a good balance as far as lows and mids and highs. They don't sound tinny or like an ice-pick. This particular set is a little thicker sounding than the Fender Custom Shop 69's which I took out. Better than Fenders or Duncans easy.


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