Learn to play Gus G (not Firewind..)

c.gerboni posted this 12 September 2016

Hey there, I am a huge fan of yours (and a customer, of course =) ).

I was looking on your website if there was material dedicated to my favorite artist, Gus G, but I just found you sell a dvd which is not directly produced by you.

As I love all your products and I love that you ask suggestions to your customers, I was wondering if you were considering making a "learn to play" gus g (not firewind!) songs or a quick licks dvd in his style. I am pretty sure I'd beat any record of fast purchasing, ahaha.

Thanks a lot! Have a great week end.

Best, Carlo

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Jay Terrell posted this 25 March 2018

All for Gus G! Great suggestion!

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