I have created music software to aid musicians, teachers and composers in creating

nearly an infinite number of musical patterns.It Starts with a full listing of

every 2,3,4,and 5 note patterns,and all their permutations, and allows for you to have

them repeat at any interval from the root,and you can string them togeather for compound

patterns and much more. After you create a pattern, it gives you the notes and shows how

to play the pattern at any tempo, on the guitar or piano, and you can save them as midi files

and text files for later editing. These can be exported to any sequencer for your creative

projects and electronic music. It allows you to play up to 50 voices at once and create amazing

counterpoint.I call it ";Albonimsky";. CHECK OUT MY INTRODUCTORY TUTORIAL AT THE LINK

http://youtu.be/bre806JQ8hU I am going to sell it as an attachment emailed to you and you can use pay pal to pay me. I am only asking $80 for it.It's priceless when you think about how powerful a program it is.!!I will be putting more tutorials up soon with a total demo of how to create trillions of patterns.