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wangbar posted this 04 April 2016

I can't get the online video lessons to work on my PC. It says I need a plug-in but it doesn't say which one or where to get it. Everything works great on my Mac, it's just the Windows machine that has this problem. So, what do I need? Flashplayer? All help will be greatly appreciated!

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Site Admin Esq posted this 11 April 2016

Hi there,

The current media player on the website comes in two forms, one is flash based and the other in HTML5. The Flash player is engaged with web browsers that still support Flash, so this would include the two most popular ones in use today, being Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. Firefox (unlike Chrome) doesn't have any Flash support built in, so you would need to go to and locate the link on their website to download the Flash Player and then install and restart the browser.

If you're using a different web browser then you would need to install a Flash Player plugin in for that, or failing that switch to using Google Chrome as that should work fine without any issues.

We are in the process of redeveloping our website and our bespoke media player will be replaced by JW Player which should give us better cross platform/browser compatibility along with extra features so watch this space!

Hope this helps :)

Last edited 11 April 2016

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