jer- posted this 05 January 2016

If I purchase an "ELITE" membership, will I be able to download the backtracks? If so, will the format be MP3? I assume I will be able to stream all the online video lessons. But I would hope to be able to keep the mp3's for practice. Somewhere else in the forum someone asked about being able to download the videos as mp4's, Is this true? Does this require a higher membership? The membership chart says "Access to all the on-line lessons". What does this mean? On-Line only access or off line access as well as in downloading the videos and audios?

It would like to be able to download both the videos and backtracks, but at least the backtracks.

Thank you Jerry C

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Site Admin Esq posted this 05 January 2016

Hi Jerry,

As things stand in terms of what we can offer via media delivery under license for our levels of paid membership that we offer to new members will allow for the streaming (and not download) of online lessons, but the downloading of MP3 audio of the Jamtrax (plus any associated TAB there might be for a lesson in Adobe PDF format) is available. The MP3 audio tracks we provide are encoded at 320kbps at 44.1khz so are essentially the equivalent of CD quality to the ear despite being encoded in a 'lossy format'.

In case anyone reading this is wondering why we have not 'upgraded' our backing tracks to MP4 audio is that pretty much any media device released over the last decade or more will definitely at least support MP3 audio so this gives us the widest scope of compatibility to our end users.

We impose no limits on the number of times you can watch our online videos or download our backing tracks.

Hope this answer your questions!


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jer- posted this 06 January 2016


Another question.

I decided to go with the 'elite' membership. I thought it was $14 /mo but when I paid, it was $20 /mo.

How can I view the monthly charges without adding to the cart and proceeding to the check out?
[EDIT]I just discovered that if you click on the monthly button on the membership grid, then the price is at the bottom of the page. So I have my answer to this question.

Also if I upgrade to the 'Gold' then do I have to pay the entire amount or do I have to only pay the difference? Since I joined yesterday. I would expect to only have to pay for the remainder of the current month, pro-rated. Like about $8.00.

Thanks Jerry

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Levi Clay posted this 06 January 2016

you'd need to email customer services for that - they'll be able to do it, but it won't be automated :)

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