Recommendation for ultra low action

peter-sall posted this 07 May 2016

What electric guitar model do you recommend for "ultra low action"?

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TiEsQue TiEsQue posted this 11 May 2016

Any of the brands that market to shredders. Ibanez, ESP, Charvel, Jackson, BC Rich, Vigier etc. Fender depending on the model. Really it's about the setup, not so much the guitar. Straight neck, level board and frets, flatter radius, the right amount of relief and light strings help a lot. You can get low action on any brand, but the shred machines are specked with that in mind. Every guitar is different- some just want to buzz and you can't get the action very low so try before you buy.

Most good techs don't want to set up a guitar ultra low because they guarantee their work and they don't want the guitar coming back the next week complaining of buzzing and fretting out. If you really want ultra low action you may have to promise not to hold them responsible when it starts buzzing the next time the temperature changes.

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Levi Clay posted this 12 May 2016

The lowest action money will buy you is the Vigier Shawn Lane model - the zero fret, 10-90 carbon neck and flat fretboard are a dream

The action on all of my Vigiers is silly low to be fair - the zero fret and 10-90 neck jsut make them a dream to set low.

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