Mark Badham posted this 24 March 2017

Have Chuck Berry on DVD from the 60's which is brilliant... watched a recording of a concert he did at the age of 76 and yes still brilliant... A TRUE LEGEND!!!.. a massive influence on every musician..


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Steven Huff posted this 04 July 2017

Chuck Berry was awesome! Influenced about every rock band that came after him. Huge influence on Angus Young. Basically, a lot of rock guitarists after him sound like supercharged/more overdriven Chuck Berry - Ted Nugent, Ace Frehley, Angus Young, etc. And a great songwriter, too. I have an album of greatest hits/songs with like 28 songs on it and I swear I've heard every one of them played on the radio at one time or another in my life.

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elianahermione3050 posted this 16 December 2017

Chuck Berry tragically ignored away the end of the week Paul McCartney said in an announcement. "He was one of shake and move's most prominent artists. He will be remembered fondly yet recollected by everybody who at any point adored shake and move It began with Chuck Berry Rod Stewart said in an announcement. The principal collection I at any point purchased was Chuck's Live at the Tivoli and I was never the same. He was more than a legend.Pay Someone to Do my Essay for me

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angelicamandy3050 posted this 16 December 2017

The Rolling Stones are profoundly disheartened to know about the death of Chuck Berry the band wrote in an announcement He was a genuine pioneer of shake roll and an enormous effect on us Chuck was a splendid guitarist artist and entertainer as well as above all he was an ace expert as a musician.Pay to Do my Essay

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