Single Coil versus Humbucking Pickups

louisger posted this 08 June 2018

Not sure the pickups deal is addressed here. I don't understand single coil pickups versus humbucking pickups. It seems that some electric guitars have both and you can switch back and forth between the two types with your selector switch. Any advantage to having a particular set up?

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Ahab654 posted this 08 June 2018

It's all about the tone you are looking for. Single coils are generally cleaner sounding a lot of blues, jazz, and mild rocks guys use them, this isn't exclusive but a general idea. Humbuckers give you the badass punch in your tone. Again, this is a very general type post. Look it up on You Tube, you can find all sorts of comparisons and hear it for yourself. Some guys will so you the exact same amp and effects settings, all that is changed are the pickups.


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louisger posted this 10 June 2018

I beg to differ. Let's start with these Modes courses examples:

Santana, Schenecker, and Slash use Humbuckers. Malmsteen, Vai, Santriani, and Eddie Van Halen use Strat. type guitars. Van Halen had a special Strat. with a humbucker on it.

Other examples: Ritchie Blackmore played a Strat. probably with single coil pick ups. Joe Strummer of the Clash played a Telecaster, probably had a single coil pick up. Are they not hard rock, if not heavy metal for Blackmore? I thought Deep Purple invented Heavy Metal? Tommy Iommoi of Black Sabbath, the first heavy metal band, I guess, had humbuckers.

Eric Clapton had single coil pick ups. Gary Moore had a Strat. and a Les Paul. Gary Moore is why I suggested the configuration of both styles of pick up on one guitar and switching between the two. Maybe you have to have two guitars like Gary Moore? Eric Clapton also switched guitars although he mainly played a Strat. in his later career.

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louisger posted this 10 June 2018

Iron Maiden -- I see pictures of them using Stratocasters with single coil pick ups. That's not soft rock!

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louisger posted this 10 June 2018

What pickups does Tom Quayle use? It looks like single coil pick ups, but some of these DVD covers by Tom Quayle also show guitars with humbuckers. I know that quite a few jazz guitarists use humbucking pick ups.

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Ahab654 posted this 11 June 2018

This is why I don't post much, for some reason last week I was in a funk playing wise and decided to do posts, seemed like a nice change. As I said in GENERAL!!! There is no way in a short message I could cover everything, that is why I suggested looking it up on You Tube. Sounds like you already have a pretty good idea of what you were looking for. As for having both pickups in the same guitar sure you can do that, again I suggest looking it up on You Tube or going to your local music store to try them out. Where the pickup is placed i.e., bridge, center, neck also make a difference in tone. The suggestions for looking it up on You Tube were because I knew there was no way to cover the topic in a short message, just a ball park idea.

Again, sorry I pissed you off, I was only trying to help. I guess I should know better

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louisger posted this 13 June 2018

Pick ups for guitar are in these configurations. S, SS, SSS, HH, HHH, SHS, HSS, HSH... and I hope this clears things up. Today's guitars have a variety of pick up configurations. SSS is the Strat type. SS is the Telecaster type. HH is two humbuckers on the Les Paul and many other guitars now. I am looking towards this grey area of both on the same guitar... HSS or HSH. As a beginning guitarist this might allow me to play both types until I gain more experience.

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robert poyser posted this 06 August 2018

The difference is when played clean single coil are cleaner but thinner in tonality phasing two single coils can give you a more trad fender strat sound. single coils are more prone to hum and feedback when you push them a bit.

We can go on and on with differences between single double coil, makes, wiring ect

but in the end it's the feel of the guitar that important as the pickups can be changed. I use two humbuckers with split coils and have the best of both worlds. the make and format of pickups are so personal and dependent on what you play no one can advise you. and in any case as modern amps hand effects have such a range of adjustment the type of pick up can be compensated for.

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Ron Miller posted this 13 April 2019

Iron Maiden uses single coil stacked humbuckers ...

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