Some ideas for new dvds/course

c.gerboni posted this 19 January 2018

Hi there guys, hope you are all doing great! From time to time, I think about "what I'd love to study at LickLibrary" so I thought to share these ideas with you. Maybe you get some inspiration =)

1) Since a long time you haven't released any new "learn the solos" dvd. What about a new one with classical amazing solos from different artists? Some ideas? Tornado of souls (Megadeth) or the best of times (Dream Theater) just to name a few.

2) In the "learn classical music", what about "learn the Canon for Pachelbel", the version for the electric guitar or "the vivaldi's summer? There is a lot of material on internet but no one beats your instructional courses.

3) are you planning to have courses with Nick Jennison soon? He is an amazing player and even a cooler guy!

4) Well, my dream is always to see a "quicklicks in Gus G style" or "learn to play Gus G (own) songs", I ask it any time I write here, ahaha.

Hope you can get some ideas from this post. All the best, Carlo

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ian10051980 posted this 20 January 2018

I would love to see something like a beginners guide to prog rock as there is very little on the subject which seems to have a growing in popularity in recent years (believe it or not!). I'd also would like to see something on Robert Cray like a jam with dvd. :-)

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BobWalker1 posted this 20 April 2018

Bring back the video forum! Youtube sucks! It was great to interact with other players, watch videos of songs we learned from LickLibrary instructors , and have a homepage !! We all invited new players to join too. The best guitar player video forum on earth was with LickLibrary! Danny, Michael, Jamie , all the Youtube gang could hang out with your player/members! How 'bout it LickLibrary?

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