Toto has a new Greatest Hits album out. Steve Lukather has a new autobiography. Of all the guitarists that I did not know when I started on this Lick Library program it was Steve Lukather. Stuart Bull likes him. I never really liked that song Rosanna by Toto. In fact, I never liked Toto as a band before. When you isolate the guitar from those songs or the other songs that Steve Lukather has played guitar on, I think hands down Steve Lukather is the greatest guitarist of all time.

At some point a guitar student has to look past the '60s and the '70s guitar gods. You have to ask yourself, are you going to play with minimal equipment or are you going to use the many effects pedals that are out there? How is your sound going to be any different from the hundreds or thousands of other guitar players?

You have to start looking to the '80s and beyond at this point. Steve Vai and Joe Satriani define that different sound but are they over the top and they don't sing real well. I don't know if Steve Lukather sings but I do know he started before Joe and Steve S.

Yes, I also think Gary Moore is as great or better than Steve Lukather, but I don't believe he used the advanced equipment that Steve L. did.