Guitar Interactive Magazine is a gem of a publication for guitarists and the interactive videos are well done. So many gear reviews from these guys... Tom, Levi, Nick, and Lewis -- just so you know some people (beginner guitarists like myself) are out here and we don't know all about this guitar equipment... effects pedals, guitars, amplifiers, and a lot of other stuff... so thank you for doing a wonderful job reviewing the gear.

One note -- sorry Lewis, as I really think you are great, and I hate to mention this but sometimes his videos have a clicking sound in his voice. It can be very distracting on an otherwise flawless presentation of gear for review at Guitar Interactive Magazine. If he has a speech impediment, I am sorry for bringing this up... but you might work with him in this regard.

Okay, if you guys are out there but probably way too busy to respond in this forum... maybe the message will get through -- thank you! I had no idea what to look for in guitar gear but you guys helped a lot!

Last edited 17 April 2019