Trombone to Bass or Guitar?

louisger posted this 08 June 2018

Back in Junior High, I was a decent trombone player. At least I learned to read music. No chords though. I am wondering if I should try bass instead of guitar since I played the low notes back then. Is Bass guitar for slackers or bad guitar players or just a different animal altogether?

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Ahab654 posted this 09 June 2018


Well there are always jokes made about bass players and drummers amongst guitar players, on the other hand ask any drummer how long it takes their guitar player to tune their guitar =P. Most are un-true, some aren't. Not going to post any here. Bass guitar is not for slackers, it's the meat in between, they help bridge the drums and the rest of the instruments. Playing bass is it's own animal and they are extremely important. It's like anything else in life it's what you like doing that matters. If you think playing bass is an easy way out that would be incorrect. I have tried it and while I can do a little I am not very good at it.


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louisger posted this 10 June 2018


Really the question is can I learn to play chords? I tried the piano for years. I could never coordinate the melody notes with my right hand with chord playing with my left hand. Will guitar be the same challenge -- coordinating both hands?

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