Valve v Solid State Amps...

Mark Badham posted this 13 October 2015

I use Valve playing live and solid state for practice overall the valve will always win although tech gets close to reproducing the sound the valve remains the winner!!... or does it what do you guys prefer?

Also what about Hybrid amps?.. like the Orange Micro Terror have seen a lot of these appearing recently, l think a Orange Micro Dark Terror is due for release soon!!... I mention these amps because I used OMT a few times only to do small gigs and the Micro Terror delivers.... anyone agree?


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Jack Daniels posted this 20 October 2015

I have no experience with Orange however, I love my 20 watt Marshall 2061X head w/matching 2061CX cabinet and 2x12" G12H Anniversary 30 watt Celestions. The last time I played through SS was through little Peavey practice amps in the 80's. Back then SS was too dry and sterile for my tastes although, I believe SS has come a long way since then. Nowadays you can sample an amp and translate that sound into an IC chip and get a very reasonable rendition of the original tube amp signal.

I still prefer vacuum tube amps over the units that simulate them such as the Kemper or Axe FX. There's nothing like a fully warmed up tube amp for great tone.

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Mark Badham posted this 08 November 2015

Quite a few amps now with Bluetooth so you can play along to your mp3 difficult choice with Blackstar, Line 6 and Vox all in battle for market dominance... must admit l like the look of the new Vox VT range with Bluetooth it just seems a bit hit and miss when you rely on a tablet or smartphone, and software glitches... l mentioned before that Bluetooth could replace pedals... but surely not for live performance?


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robert poyser posted this 17 December 2015

Played all types of amps from the 70 to date Valve, germaniun, silicon transistor, mosfet and now Software emulation. Yeah Valves sound sweet despite the tonality and gain change over time and the arm lengthening weight. Hybrids are a bit less weight and OK. But untill 2-3 years ago if it did not have valves it was a bit harsh an lacking warmth, then the software emulators hit the market and the first wave and the cheep end of the market were every bit as crap as expected. but then Boss and line 6 brought out some really interesting stuff at most affordable prices. I play in a band where the other guitarist has a full marshal stack (nice) and I have a Boss GT100 through a pare of 800Watt powered speakers after a bit of messing about yes it can give the marshal a run for its money on tone and drive, however at one click I can Fender, or Peavey, or Orange or what ever, plus a full host of Boss stomp pedals built in. The big problem I find with people who try this kind of kit is they wop it through a guitar amp, big mistake it needs to go through a tonally neutral amp, i.e. high power powered PA speakers. and a GT100 pops nicely under your arm and my powered PA speakers are a quarter the weight of marshal 4 x 12's. So at one time I would have agreed with the original post, but not now.

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james danvers posted this 13 July 2017

Valve all the way

You have 12 notes, what you do with them is up to you.

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