Weight of Guitar Factor

louisger posted this 08 June 2018

Is guitar weight a factor? Either standing with the guitar slung around your neck or supporting the guitar on your legs, guitar weight must be a consideration. The history of electric guitars has largely been about the heaviness of the guitar either good or bad, hasn't it?

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Mark Badham posted this 19 August 2018

Yes, the weight of the guitar in history has always effected your playing.. example being heavy Les Pauls... and after playing for a couple of hours your back suffers.. this is an issue which is treated seriously by guitar brands.. to have a guitar balanced so you can balance the guitar with headstock and body in perfect harmony helps... then again heavy woods produce different tones and some purists say heavy guitars are a must... so l guess it's down to the individual!?…


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louisger1 posted this 16 March 2019

Michael Casswell suggests in his courses that the guitar should be very lightweight. He always sought out lightweight Stratocasters.

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