I invested in the Line 6 Helix HX Effects... I am torn between the sounds (which are pretty good for drive and delay and others) and real pedals or other units. For example, I found it impossible to connect to my PC to backup my presets… I was having too much trouble even with line 6 trouble shooting...

Next thing I found were the reverbs weren't the greatest... I don't know if it's an amp Issue (I used to own an AC4C1 now I own an AC10C1) or the effects but even legacy effects like shimmer sound crappy and more like a wind than heavenly when recorded of my portable zoom recorder.

I am thinking of investing in a high quality reverb pedal like Big Sky or even going with a Verbzilla (You can buy them new still on the internet from some countries) but I don't know if I'm going about this all wrong.

Why buy more pedals to compensate for what the HX Effects seems to lack for me? Should I just sell if off and buy an Eventide Timefactor, Verbzilla, and TS808? The costs of those 3 pedals is slightly more than I would get for my unit with expression pedal.. Then again the Hx effects does 100 effects and is very gigable because it has features like snapsots, 9 effects at once , etc.

However, my biggest gripe? I can't backup the hx effects due to the problems I had connecting via USB and the shimmer doesn't sound great mixed in with other effects.

Help me out... What would you recommend I do?

Cheers Adrian