What lessons did you think were great!

Ahab654 posted this 07 June 2018

Hello Everyone,

I have been a member for a few years, and have purchased a ton of lessons. There are still a boatload more that I have not had time to look at. I know everyone is different and have different tastes but there is always that one lesson that you think "damn I am so glad I got that it was a blast". For instance, I had a ton of fun with "Jam with Andy James". Just an example, there are a bunch of others. This isn't meant to be a "hey this is what you should do" just a place where people can say, this lesson was cool take a look at it. It can be as simple as that, if you would like to go into more detail great. Yes, I know I did not go into a lot of detail =P., just thought it was a fun video with cool jam tracks and ideas.

Take care, Shayne

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louisger posted this 07 June 2018

Tremolo Bar Techniques is an excellent lesson with Michael Casswell. I have not even purchased a guitar yet, but this lesson really got me thinking about how the whammy bar is gone from rock n roll these days. It seems like a lot of guitars don't have the whammy bar. What a whammy bar can add to your playing is tremendous. A lot of guitar players neglect the whammy bar.

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carlossbenes posted this 20 August 2018

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